Dragon Tongues and Tails

The distinction between these two is just size. The dragon tails are 30" of material in length, and the tongues are 18" in length. This does not include the handle.

You may notice that our tongues and tails are short in comparison to others on the market - allowing them to be used indoors at your residence, not just outdoors or in dungeons. While both are suitable for most residential spaces, if you don't have a lot of room, the tongues are preferred. These are also very accurate and require little training, compared to a full bullwhip, while still being able to hit hard for heavy players. We've spent a lot of time engineering the functionality of these to be a superior product.

The purpose of any item in this category is to sting, but there are varying grades of how stingy. Two-toned tongues and tails, or heavy materials will hit harder. The hardest players who really want marks should use neoprene. Modifying the tips can increase or decrease the level of sting. Stiffer materials will tend to "crack" better than soft ones. Let us know where you want your hits if you aren't sure on material selection.

If you're not too sure, our recommendation is to go for a tongue on a standard flogger-weight leather, and not two-toned (which adds a layer of leather). This will either be as much as you want out of a tongue, or get you started as a warm-up stinger until your next one.


A hard to classify item, we felt the swing style and aesthetic was closest to a whip over any other category. This is a flexible, heavy weighted item. Think of it as a "thuddy whip" instead of a stingy one. This is currently under development and will be available soon.