Exotic Hardwood or Wood + Resin

Exotic hardwoods such as purple heart, red heart, blood wood, ebony, and more are available as hand-shaped unique pieces. These can have no handles, leather wrapped, or any other ideas you might have! These are also available as smaller, less expensive "shard" sizes that don't have a handle option.

Wood + Resin edges are just as strong as the solid wood, but only come in thicker blades, no shards. These can have all our usual beautiful resin effects paired with an exotic hardwood, with or without a leather wrapped handle. Add a matching Artisan flogger, cane, or whip to your set!


These do not come with a sharp edge to cut or puncture skin or clothes, and should not be intended as such. Please still keep care in mind when using them! These provide a scratching sensation, similar to fingernails on skin. The different curves, points, and other features feel differently, so get creative! These also work well as a wax scraper for wax play.