Fixed floggers are your traditional style, with the falls directly affixed to a solid handle. These can be straight, contoured, ball, small, or large. These can work well for directed strikes.

Flow floggers are our term for: florentine floggers, finger floggers, "nunchuk", and T-handle floggers. These have the falls in a cap, with a pivot, swivel, or flexible material connecting them to what the user is holding - rings, leather loops, chain, t-handle, or standard handle. Flow floggers tend to need a minimum forward speed to function, and tend not to work as well for directed strikes. The flogger cap and chain for flow floggers are separate from T-handles, finger loops, and flail heads. You'll need both items in your cart! Flow floggers on their own can have a ring handle added at no charge (it's in their product entry). Quick-change clips are also available if you want multiple handle styles! The quick clip always goes on the handle side. It's included by default in T-handles.

Flogger Sizes

The flogger sizes are based on quantity of leather/material. You'll be able to select your exact build in the detail of each item. Light floggers are usually good for warmup, or as stingy scourges with a few tails. Heavy Floggers are good for thuddy impacts, but do tend to cost more due to more material.

Exotic Hardwoods

Wood + Resin