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This series features sleek and smooth molded handles. They have subtle but distinctive curves for an excellent grip in the hand, and have a very modern aesthetic with little to no visible hardware. These are made from cast polyurethane for painted handles, or a clear epoxy resin. The resin can have all sorts of additives – such as glow in the dark, color tints, swirls, and glitter. The outer surface is covered in a clear coat for a smooth and uniform finish.


For a classic medieval dungeon aesthetic, the Archaic series provides wood handled implements for your designs. The handles can be straight cylinders for a classic feel, hand-turned contours, custom carved designs, or hewn for the most rugged appearance. The woods in this series are common hardwoods of birch, oak, cherry, and maple. They are then stained an appropriate color, then clear coated. The aesthetic for this group is rough, but we make sure you don't get splinters and the handling is excellent.


The Artisan series showcases our premier work in exotic hardwoods and other materials. The most elegant are wood + resin blends to make unique and personal pieces to your style. This series features fine woodturning, carved handles, and a high level of artistic expression. All of these items are truly unique and handmade for you.