Our premier crops come in a few shaft styles - short or standard, and two shaft thicknesses, which control how flexible it is. The most flexible is a standard length (18" shaft), thinner shaft. It can be bent about 180 degrees and come back to true. This allows for very rapid, accurate strikes with little motion from the user. If you haven't used a crop like ours before, and only used a cheap one, there is a world of difference in the engineering behind it.


This is our term for our thin fiberglass canes. These hit unusually hard due to the stiffness, combined with the hardness of the material. The outside is sealed in a rubber coating and tip. These are excellent for leaving surface stingy marks, and nearly indestructible.

Other Cane Types

All other cane types are grouped in the "Cane Variety" entry.​​

  • Resin Canes: These are polycarbonate tubes filled with a small amount of a resin color of choice. They feel similar to our other mid-range canes (acrylic, polycarbonate). These pair beautifully with resin and wood+resin handles. The amount of effects are limited due to the tube size. These can have glow in the dark added. If you're not sure what to get, I recommend this cane.

  • Wooden Canes: These 1/2" diameter canes are lighter than the other mid-range canes, causing more of a surface sting than deep sting. We can make small carvings if you'd like on these, but I'd recommend a thicker 3/4" diameter wood cane for that. These are usually coated in beeswax for a matte finish.

  • Cluster Canes: Seven 1/4" Delrin shafts are set into the cap of a flogger handle. This style of cane is sometimes referred to as a rattan, and usually bamboo. Our design focuses on the desired effect of a heavy cane that works best for warmup, and "people who don't like canes", since the shafts deflect and collapse on hitting.

  • Padded Steel: These are currently being developed! poke us if you need one asap.

Other Cane materials (being phased out):

  • Acrylic: This is solid 1/2" diameter acrylic in a variety of colors. Acrylic is weaker than other materials, but is suitable for light to medium play. It has a higher density than wood, giving it a bit more thud. Use and store with care! This pairs well with the modern series for a smooth, clean aesthetic. Add an acrylic edge to match!

  • Polycarbonate: If you like a clear aesthetic, and need high strength, go with polycarbonate. It's nearly indestructible and feels similar, but only comes in the frosted clear appearance.

  • Delrin Canes: These are heavy hitters, in that they have a high density for their size, making them much thuddier, and bruising more than surface marking. These are very strong and suitable for most types of play, but only come in black or white/off-white. We have them in 1/2" and 3/4" diameter sizes. Thicker is a heavier hitter.