Acrylic or Resin

Our popular Acrylic Knives are in this category. The Acrylic is 1/8" (3mm) flat sheet acrylic that we laser-cut to your desires, and offer a wide range of customization options. We are also able to do laser engravings at additional cost. We can also make custom profiles that fit our basic handle dimensions. Send us your ideas! Shards do not have a cast handle, and tend to be smaller in size.

Resin blades are thicker, and feature a shaped edge. It's still a safer edge material than steel, and although it scrapes, is unlikely to cut or wound. You can have glow in the dark, glitter, colors, swirls, and more in this category. The handles are separate pieces, and can be colored the same or differently.


These do not come with a sharp edge to cut or puncture skin or clothes, and should not be intended as such. Please still keep care in mind when using them! These provide a scratching sensation, similar to fingernails on skin. The different curves, points, and other features feel differently, so get creative! These also work well as a wax scraper for wax play.