On The Shelf

This is a list of all of our items we have on the shelf, ready to ship. We may also have parts or discount items - you're welcome to email us and ask! If you'd rather design your own item, please use the design center. Click on the picture for more details about each item.

We also have sub-sections if you'd like to filter specific items, such as acrylic knives or floggers.

All payments are done off-site, the pay links are given upon receipt. We commonly do Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, and credit card if we have to. All prices are in USD.

Shipping: We use USPS by default. Currently, orders over $99 have free US shipping.

Due to tech limitations, international is subject to review - the amount is most likely correct but may be off. Your country of import may also have additional pick up taxes or restrictions that we can't account for.