These handles are a 1" diameter, 6" long straight cylinder of Black 3d Printed Plastic. It has a central hole that fits various attachments, sold separately. By default, the print has print lines - we don't finish these handles.


Select the handle hole that fits what you want:

The central hole fits 1/2" diameter attachments (12mm) about 2" recessed into the handle. This is mostly medium canes, and dragon tongues/tails.

The central hole at 9/32" fits our crops and canes.

The central hole can also be threaded instead, if you want to make a flail head or something that threads onto it.

Alternatively, it can have a cap for a light to medium sized flogger, cluster cane, or sap. (1.125" diameter socket hole, 1.25" deep.)


There's an M4 (export) or 8-32 (US) set screw that is used to provide a mechanical lock on the attachment. Don't tighten this too much! An allen key is provided.


The rear of every handle is threaded for an M4 (export) or 8-32 (US) screw. Typical cabinet knobs fit great to give these some weight! Check your thread size before purchasing though.


You can permanently set in your attachment with common 5 min epoxy. (Harbor Freight $2 mini tubes work great!) It's not necessary, I'd recommend trying out your piece for awhile first.


Finishing ideas:

- Wrap it in leather or other material.

- Resin coat the outside

- Sand, Fill (Bondo), Sand again, and paint

- Add greeblies to the outside to make a cool lightsaber lookin thang.

- or just fuck it, don't bother, it's already black :)

3D Printed Straight Handle