Similar to our standard acrylic edges and shards, these are a folding knife style. There are two tabs protruding for a finger flick  to open - use either as works for your style! It has no locking mechanism, and is considered a friction folder. Place a finger tip on the tab on the top of the handle to keep in place, and/or squeeze the front of the body near the screw to add pressure keeping the blade in place.


We currently only have one blade profile - want something else? Send us your ideas! This is a new addition, and will have a slightly longer lead time than standard knives.


The body of these are made from a cast polyurethane or urethane resin, hand dyed to the color desired as with all modern pieces.


Want an engraving? We can laser engrave the blade! Due to website limitations, it is a separate item in the store. Please select any laserings there.


Service Notes:

The large flat head screw has loctite threadlocker on it to keep it from backing out. You may have to adjust the screw with repeated use, or if you want to make adjustments on how easy or hard it is to open and close. We don't warranty the blades other than shipping damage on these, as mishandling can easily cause a break. Replacement blades are $5, and only the large flat head screw has to be removed to replace it. Only tighten the screw to the desired pressure.

This should not be used as a slapper or paddle, and no side-load should be applied when it is extended.



Acrylic Folding Knife