Similar to our standard acrylic edges and shards, these are a folding knife style.
These do not use the same handle material as our regular edges, and instead use flat laser cut 1/8" (3mm) acrylic as the handle material. The blades are thinner, at 1/16" (1.5mm). This does make them a bit more fragile, so please use with care and be nice to it!

The thinner blade material comes in less color options than the normal blades; however, the handles can be any of the standard "blade" acrylic", along with the same styles of hardware.

We can do some customizations - custom blade profiles, monogram handle, engraved image/artwork handle, custom engraved blade artwork. This is a separate item in the store to add to it. We currently do not offer resin handles or other painted handles for this series. Please contact us if you are interested in such so we can gauge interest. These should not be used as a paddle or slapper; and due to how thin the blade is, no side-load should be placed on the blade.

Service and Modifications:

By default they won't "snap" open like a typical folding knife if you flick your wrist. You can adjust the tightness as you desire with a flat head screwdriver on the pivot closest to the front (towards the blade edge, not the rear). The set screw near it is a stop pin, tightening or loosening it will have no effect on the function.

If you need to replace a blade, simply loosen that lead pivot screw and remove both sides. The blade will fall out. Just insert a new one and re-tighten the screw to your desired amount of friction. Please contact us via email for a new part. (Folding knife blade + color)

We apply loctite to the lead screw to help prevent backing off. If you adjust the pivot too loose, please take care to not let it keep backing off and fall out. We can sell replacements if need be as well (Threaded or Barrel side Chicago Screw)

Acrylic Folding Knife