Our archaic crops feature a 3/4"x6" handle commonly, although you can request other sizes using the notes. Since these don't require a pommel for counterbalance, we typically install an integrated leather loop with a decorative acorn nut of the appropriate hardware color on the end. If you desire a pommel please let us know in the notes.


The shaft length and flexibility is customizable, commonly 18" or 12" shaft length (2" goes into the handle, and the leather tip extends an inch or two past the shaft).


For tip materials, colorful, softer leathers are not going to be as stingy, or hit with as much force. Black leathers can go stiffer and thicker, common of traditional crops, and impart more force.


Technical Specs:

Handle weight: 1 oz

Shaft inner Diameter: .28"

Handle Length: 6"

Overall Length with 18" crop: 23"

Handle diameter at grip: 0.75"

Crop, Archaic