This set is made-to-order, and sometimes in stock/on the shelf. It is made rapidly (~2-3 week lead time for the whole kit), and we've chosen the options listed because we can produce the entire set much quicker - thus reducing the cost.


All item colors are black, and the handles are painted black, with an exceptional glossy coating. This set has a little of everything, and ideal for persons who want a light to moderate impact level; also great for a beginner or sample kit. All items include removeable hanging loops.


We can also substitute leather for vegan/synthetic leather at no charge - please leave a note or email us when you make your order.


Items included:

Acrylic Knife: Sawback style. 30

Crop: 12" flexible shaft with a stiff leather tip. 65

Cane: 18" dark resin cane. 65

Dragontongue: 18" medium (#2) leather. 85

Medium Flogger- 24 falls, 18" long, 1/2" wide tails of black cowhide. 105

Large Flogger- Ball handle, 24 falls, 18" long, 1" wide tails of black deerskin. 135

Elegant Black Set

$485.00 Regular Price
$430.00Sale Price