These laser cut acrylic knives and daggers are styled in your choice of blade, handle, and hardware at no extra charge. These are painted polymer handles, or resin handles (please describe the appearance or provide a picture!).

These provide a safe introduction to knife play, or just used as a very fun tingly sensation toy. These are all approximately 8" in length, and 1.1 oz in weight.

Additional: Due to some restrictions with the website design, we currently can't add the additional cost for certain customizations here. There's an extra "item" in the store for additional customizations, such as laser engravings or custom profiles. The costs on the additional options will not automatically factor into the price unless you select the option. If the additive to resin is costly (such as steampunk gears), there maybe an additional cost subject to quote.


Look through our portfolio for ideas for your build! These should not be used as a paddle or slapper.

Acrylic Knives & Daggers