The Wasteland Wanderer set is a scavenged arsenal of post-apocalypse hardware to survive the end times.


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"Lost Legend" - a powerful dragontail made of two laminated pieces of leather for a thick, hard hit. The handle is leather wrapped and balanced.


"Power Core" - this stingy leather scourge style flogger has long stiff leather tails with jagged tips. The handle is Koa exotic hardwood + green glowing resin, finished with a chain end.


"Scavenger's Revenge" combines both thud and slap in a heavy flogger. It has a 1" diameter hewn wooden handle, coated in resin, and a heavy counterweight for excellent performance.


"Scrounger & Scrapper" are a matched pair of flail head floggers. The falls are intermixed distressed black leather and soft tan leather. These are light and buttery, and allow for speedy dual wielding. The flail head mechanism allows for smooth spin that requires little effort - allowing even beginners to dual wield a whirlwind of leather.


"Containment Breach" is a warm-up/sensation features a bundle of black wool intermixed with soft tan leather. The handle is a thick piece of hewn wood, accented with glow in the dark cracks, and a hanging chain. The wool is rough, not soft, like the wasteland it came from.


"Razortongue" is a stingy double-layer leather dragontongue, this will mark well and can be deployed rapidly in a variety of strikes.


"Wanderer's Staff", is a short, thick cherrywood baton cane with a leather wrapped handle, and a resin coating over the wood.


"Wasteland Rover" is a custom profile and engraved acrylic edge with custom resin-hybrid handles. Included is a leather sheath made of mutant monsterhide.

Wasteland Wanderer Set

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