This is for selecting a standard handle acrylic knife or dagger, but with a blade profile you've come up with! We'll need a sketch to get an idea of what you want - we'll reach out to you with a confirmed design.


In this, we're assuming you're using more material than normal as well - such as if you want the blade curving forward, or exceptionally long (12" maximum length. Standard is 8").


You'll need to email us an image of what you're thinking of for the custom shape, even if it's a napkin sketch. Please be as descriptive as possible at the start. Drawing the profile takes time, and constant back and forth edits may cost more money.


We make no structural guarantees for exceptionally large pieces or your own profiles. Please take care of your item and it should do well. If it breaks we can send replacement blades; it'll be determined by the final size of your item, but we try to be fair about this - we want you to have a fun thing! Large items get weaker. These should not be used as a paddle or slapper.

Custom Blade Shape Design - Acrylic Knife