This kit includes everything you need to DIY your own knife or dagger!

-All parts are separate - you'll need a Blade Blank, Handle Blank, and 1 Hardware set.

-The handles come bare and unfinished/unprimered - use any type of paint! nail polish, acrylic paint, miniatures paint are great! We like to use a nitrocellulose lacquer clear coat, but it'll depend on what your paint type is.

-Use a laser cutter, belt sander, or other grinder to remove the acrylic carefully. You can reinforce it with blue painters tape and wood if using a grinder. If you don't want to do this, and want a pre-cut blade, please specify!

A flat edge (90 degree corners) is our usual cut for safety. Flame polishing or sanding renders an edge smooth and round, and not scratchy.

Acetone can remove some marks, but don't get it on your handles!


-You'll need a flat head screwdriver to assemble it when completed. Insert the barrel (female side) through the handle and blade. Set the other handle side on top and install the other side of the screws.


Parts Breakdown if you need additional spares:

Acrylic Blanks: $8

Handle Blanks: $8

Hardware Pair: $2

DIY Acrylic Edge Kit