Select the size of leather you'd like. approximately 12 linear inches of most leathers (3-4oz) fits in a small cap.

The $5 entry is for hardware-only, no leather (you are supplying your own material).


This kit allows you to cut your own flogger tails from a bundle of leather or other material.


-Use a ruler and square up your piece as desired.

-Cut your falls at your desired widths, using a ruler and rotary cutter is best.

-don't cut through the last 1" of the "base" of the material.

-no big deal if you do, you'll just have more sections.

- test roll it on the aluminum core provided.

- test fit it into the cap.

- use the scrap bit of leather as filler, and see how much of that scrap you'll need to tightly fill the cap.

- unroll and re-roll as necessary until you get a snug fit by hand.

- once you're satisfied, use Rubber Cement (contact cement will be permanent!) and unroll the entire roll. Apply it on the base 1" strip you're rolling the aluminum core, including the filler piece inside the roll, not on the outside.

- double check it fits, and install the screw through the aluminum core into the handle until snug.

- don't pull on the falls until the glue has had time to set.

- give them a gentle tug to make sure it's attached. the bundle has to be a snug fit going into the cap. Remove it and start over if it's not.

- Once you're happy with your fit, use sharp scissors to trim the ends flush. Hold the flogger upside down over a trash can and give it a haircut. Having a friend helps!


-Scourges for paracord & similar styled material come with a special ring.


If you have your own fall material you want to use, the hardware is the listed $5. Otherwise, just select the overall material sheet size (12" wide is about the most that fits in the standard small cap socket of 1.125"). Most material is 3-4oz leather weight. For heavier 5oz materials, we'll automatically adjust the width to about 9" so it'll still fit in the appropriate cap (which also adjusts our cost for the heavier material appropriately). These can be tricky, and you may lose a tail or need to skive the thickness down.

DIY Flogger Kit, Light-Medium