Named after the serpent with the same name, this unique flogger is a flail-style, with a mixture of  wood and resin parts. The falls are short, soft, and thuddy black deerskin, at 24 falls, 12" long, at 1" wide. They are set into our new chain florentine cap, this one with orange and black resin, with orange glow in the dark. The swivel the extra-length chain is attached to is our new double-bearing system, allowing for perfect motion transfer to an incredibly smooth, accurate, and fast flow. The swivel is also made from high-strength resin in orange, black, and orange glow.

The handle itself is birch with an ebony stain. Snake scales have been hand engraved, then filled with orange glow in the dark resin. The entire piece is smooth resin-coated, for a professional, smooth glossy effect.

The pommel on the end helps counterbalance the weight of the flail head swinging. The overall weight is 14.1 oz.



$179.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price