These are excellent mid-range, general purpose canes. The default cane for this series is the Resin cane 18" long, allowing for detailed versatility of effects and colors. This cane is rated for moderate to high impact, as it's encased in a polycarbonate tube. This has similar performance and feel to acrylic, polycarbonate, and delrin of the same size. Resin canes can also have steel shot added for additional mass. The steel is 4.5mm and silver in color.


Wooden canes are also an option, and rated for light to moderate play. They are lighter (about half the weight) and provide more surface hit than deeper ones. Hard hits can fracture a wooden cane - just loosen the screw holding it (directions below and on Instagram Highlights), remove, and replace. Our handles are designed to fit most 1/2" nominal diameter shafts. Sand the shaft if it's too tight.


The handle features our index point design so you always know where the tip is. This style handle is used to hold any 1/2" shaft - canes or tails. If you need to remove your attachment from the handle, please use a 5/64" allen key, make a half turn to release, and tighten it back the same amount. Overtightening and frequent loosening/tightening can strip the threads on the handle, don't remove the cane unless absolutely necessary.


Technical Specs:

Handle weight: 2.2 oz

Shaft inner Diameter: 0.5"

Handle Length: 6.25"

Overall Length with 18" cane: 22.25"

Handle diameter at grip: ~1"

Medium (1/2") Canes, Modern