This stylized handle smoothly fits into your hand, comfortably sized small, specialized for a light grip common with crops and thin canes. This handle also features built in "index points" near the tip, so you always know which was the tip faces. A removeable hanging loop is included - leather by default unless your crop tip is a synthetic material.


The "Modern Color" option is either painted, dyed, or resin with various effects. Match your crop with other items for a full set!


Short length shafts are less flexible than longer ones, but provide a closer interaction. The length refers to the internal shaft length. See Technical specs for detailed measurements.

-The "Semi-Rigid" has an amount of spring equivalent to most standard crops.

-The "Flexy 18"" can bend almost 180 degrees and whips rapidly with little effort.

-The Short 12 has about the same flex as a longer semi-rigid for a more traditional feel in a shorter package.

-The Stiff and Short 12 has little to no flex.


Technical Specs:

Handle Length: ~5.5" (140mm)

Diameter at index points: .75" (20mm)

Largest diameter (ball): 1" (25mm)

Handle only weight: 1.5 oz (43g)

Overall length with 18" shaft: 23.5" (600mm)

Overall length with 12" shaft: 18" (460mm)

Set screw retention: The shaft is held in place with a #8 SAE set screw. Use a 5/64" allen key if you need to replace the shaft. We are happy to sell replacement parts, contact us!

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