Tongues are shorter dragontail style whips. With it's short length, it provides excellent portability, ease of use, and can make successive hits faster. The handle features our index point design so you always know where the tip is. This style handle is used to hold any 1/2" shaft - canes or tails.


If you need to remove your attachment from the handle, please use a 5/64" allen key, make a half turn to release, and tighten it back the same amount. Make sure to line up the tail tip with the index points.


For gauging the severity of the sting of a dragontail, feel free to use the following scale. We may not have every grade in your specific leather - give us a color idea and we can provide options.


1: Soft (deer or a thin/soft hide) - minor sting, won't hit too badly if you are new to whip style sensations or don't enjoy too much sting. Round the tip to reduce the effect a little more if desired.

2: Medium (stiffer leathers) - moderate sting, good for general purpose sting effect and surface marking.

3: Harder (two-tone, heavy leather, vegan leather) - these sting a lot more, and have a bit more force to them. If you're fairly experienced or don't mark easily, these are better. They can be used lightly too, but have a higher maximum force.

4: Neoprene (industrial black rubber) - this material is *far* above #3, and can mark through denim for some. It has a higher mass for deeper marks, and the surface likes to "grab" skin. If the skin is wet or damp, it stings even worse. Recommended for harder players.

Technical Specs:

Handle weight: 2.2 oz

Shaft inner Diameter: 0.5"

Handle Length: 6.25"

Overall Length with 18" tongue: ~24"

Handle diameter at grip: ~1"

Dragon Tongue, Modern