This includes a modern handle and flail head pivot. Select any Flow Flogger of your choice as the flogger to attach to the handle. The Flail head can either be a classic or ball style handle - please specify in the notes which you want. The quick change clip is an option if you want it. If you need to loosen the set-screw pin, it is a 5/64" allen wrench (SAE #8-32 screw). If you're using our handle and quick clip, you can lock onto other maker's finger floggers usually if you only want to try our handle!


Our Flail head design comes with a double bearing swivel we've designed. It allows smooth rotational motion with minimal effort, the handle acting as a lever counterbalancing the flogger and providing great control. This has several effects:

-increased maximum speed (probably the fastest system)

-less wrist strain

-simplicity of use for a simple whirl/spin for beginners.


Technical Specs:

Handle weight: 2.2 oz

Handle Length: 6.25"

Handle Length with Swivel: 8"

Handle length with clip and swivel: 10.75"

Handle diameter at grip: ~1"

Flail Head Handle, Modern