This stylized handle smoothly fits into your hand, comfortably sized small, specialized for a light grip common with crops and thin canes. This handle also features built in "index points" near the tip, so you always know which was the tip faces. A removeable hanging loop is included - leather by default unless your crop tip is a synthetic material.


The "Modern Color" option is either painted, dyed, or resin with various effects. Match your crop with other items for a full set!


Fiberglass canes are not flexible, and hit suprisingly hard. The length refers to the shaft length, see technical specs for overall length. These are excellent for surface marks and are very stingy. Our fiberglass canes are coated with a vinyl tip with a polyolefin sleeve. If you see white through the coating, the fiberglass is exposed and may cause itchiness on skin contact - we recommend taping, re-coating, or replacing it. Need a custom length? Just specify in the notes!


Technical Specs:

Handle Length: ~5.5" (140mm)

Diameter at index points: .75" (20mm)

Largest diameter (ball): 1" (25mm)

Handle only weight: 1.5 oz (43g)

Overall length with 18" shaft: 21.5" (545mm)

Overall length with 12" shaft: 16" (400mm)

Set screw retention: The shaft is held in place with a #8 SAE set screw. Use a 5/64" allen key if you need to replace the shaft. We are happy to sell replacement parts, contact us!

Striker Cane, Modern