Our T-handles provide a comfort grip and excellent fit for a variety of hand sizes. The bar in the center of the handle is a semi-flexible plastic with hand-sewn leather pad, allowing the bar some degrees of motion without breaking, but more comfortable than a classic rod style T-handle. Please select your flow flogger separately to add onto this handle, or use it with your own floggers! The integral quick change clip fits most finger flogger hardware, and traditional ring floggers.


T-handles are good for those with certain wrist issues looking for a fast moving flogger.


Technical Specs:

Handle weight: 3.6 oz

Clip maximum opening: 0.625"

Handle Length: 4.25"

Handle diameter at grip: ~1"

Handle Maximum diameter: ~1.125"

Bar size: 0.125" thick x 1" wide

T-Handle, Modern