This is an add-on if you'd like to laser engrave your:

Acrylic knives

Crop tips

Dragon tongue or tail tips

Any flat piece of acrylic, wood, or leather (no resin)


Please consult with us by sending your image or idea prior to making the order. Email to


We can do the following types of engravings:

-Existing Artwork: If you saw artwork we already did, on the same type of piece (such as the steampunk engravings on that knife), just let us know. It has to be exactly the same item.

-Monogram/lettering: Tell us what letters, and what sort of font appearance. We'll show you the finished drawing before cutting for approval.

-Simple image: You'll need to email us the image you want at the entry level price. We don't mind a few tweaks but please have it close. The image should be black, with white background, and clean lines. The laser will lightly remove the black parts.

-Photo Image: we can engrave full portraits, scenes, and similar things. It requires a grayscale image. We can tweak these a bit since we have to fit them on your item.


We assume you have the trademark or copyright to use an image you provide. Please support small artists if you want artwork of something!

Add Laser Engraving