This modern-series flow flogger features a T-handle. This is for a single item, but we're happy to make a second matching one if desired. The polymer handle and cap have custom cuts, which may not be 100% duplicated, and will cost an additional $20 over a basic build. It'll also work fine without the matching cuts though- the amount of material removed is minor, and the grip feels similar.


The falls are a RARE holographic leather, 18 count, 18" long, and 1" wide cuts. This material is uncommon and we don't have much, so get this while you can! The surface is plasticy and a bit stingy, but not as bad as neoprene or other synthetics. It feels a little stingier than our vegan leather. Although it's a lightweight material, it's a standard flogger thickness, but a slightly larger bundle than most general purpose builds, giving it slightly more hit force. If you like light to moderate sting, this is an excellent flogger for you.


The t-handle bar is approximately 1/8" thick, fitting comfortably between the fingers, with a reinforced leather pad and integrated quick-change clip. The diameter is 1" at the smallest section, flaring outward slightly for a perfect grip. The overall weight is 12.5 oz.

Unicorn Invasion