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A dark theme to correpsond to your darker inclinations.


These feature matte black handles, black screws, and an opaque black acrylic blade with an engraved line and logo. Get matching jewelry here!


Available in two configurations:

  • Sawback: This knife profile features a sharp tip, along with sharp triangular serrations on the spine. The broad blade is good as a wax scraper. Overall, an extremely versatile and classic knife.
  • Needle: This dagger has an extra sharp tip, and the broad sides are good for scraping.
  • Knife + Dagger pair: Select this to get both the items at a $5 discount!
  • PERSONALIZE: Add text engraving (specify font style or tell us to choose!) - you must specify the blade shape (either Sawback, Needle, or one of our others found here.)


These are acrylic knives for safer knife play for BDSM, kink, and fetish. You still should exercise caution and care with an acrylic blade, as injuries can happen, and they can draw blood and cut skin with hard enough use. Use at your discretion and risk, we take no responsibility for the use or mis-use of these items. The blades are designed to be fragile to try to limit injury severity on an accident. They do not cut or tear clothes.



  • All knives are approximately 8" in overall length, and 1.1 oz in weight.
  • Do not use as a paddle, slapper, or other impact toy.
  • We sell replacement blades here. We offer no warranty on the blade - if it is broken upon arrival, you need to file a claim to the shipping carrier. 
  • Caring for the item is as easy as using mild all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant wipes. Do not leave in extreme heat environments for extended periods of time. To get a streak free appearance, use a window cleaner on a paper towel for the blade. Isopropyl alcohol is okay as well.
  • We are happy to service and repair items, email us to chat about your needs.


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