This is one of the floggers in our Pink Metal display, with a gloss black elegant handle. The falls are a soft deerskin, designed to seduce the senses with pleasure - this has none to little sting, even at a full strength swing. The amount of leather also produces more force than a medium flogger - feeling much thuddier. This is a "heavy size" flogger, with 24 falls, 18" long, and 1" wide cuts.


The handle is our heavy ball flogger handle in the Modern Series, made of cast polyurethane. The shape on this works excellent for smaller hands, and for flowy, rapid motions and finger-flogging styles. If the falls ever get damaged or worn out, they are easily replaceable.


This item is only available picked up from the display case at Pink Metal in Brooklyn. Please select that option from shipping options.

Modern Black - Heavy Ball Flogger