Feel a new sensation with a step forward from traditionalism.

A glossy light reflects off the black resin, drawing the eyes to this contemporary hand-crafted whip. Although smooth, the precision contoured surface grips easily. Taken in the hand, the weight and balance is exceptional, becoming an extension of your desires. Let our designs become your reality with our dragon tongue whips in the Modern Collection.


Available in two configurations. Both are 18" long (not including the handle)

  • Stiff Leather: Great general purpose stinger, a little stiffer than a soft leather to provide moderate sting in a small package. Rated #2/5 on our dragontongue sting scale.
  • Neoprene: This is exceptionally stingy and packs a major punch. It can mark through jeans. Make their skin damp if you desire it even stingier.  Rated #5/5 on our dragontongue sting scale.




  • Please contact us prior to order if you want any changes.
  • All items come with a hanging loop that is removeable.
  • The handle is rated for striking soft targets and is very durable. 
  • The tongues are replaceable should they become damaged somehow, or an upgrade desired.
  • Caring for the handle is as easy as using a damp cloth or mi