This is a single flow flogger with a ring handle. The cap is our electric purple, with black chain and black ring. The weight is 7.1 oz, and features our general-purpose flogger build at 24 falls, 18" long, and 1/2" wide cuts. The leather on this is the last of a rare golden color. We cannot get more of this material at this time if you desire a matched pair or other set of the same color. We can match the length and weight if you want a matched pair with a different leather.


The large 2" ring can be used as it's own handle, or any of our standard flow flogger attachments can be added (Loop, double loop, t-handle, or flail head). Go to Design Center > Flow Flogger and pick your desired add-ons.

Royal Cyclone

$90.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price