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Featuring a newer model design of handle and flogger caps painted in an elegant gloss black, this set is all vegan. Although most vegan leathers are fabric vinyl, pvc, and other cheap materials, this features the only synthetic leather we'll use. It's a TPU, nylon, and water-based (not oil based) polyurethane blend for an eco-friendly future. Additionally, this set is a little stingier than most, with the smaller flogger being a 22" long light stinger build, and the flogger is a heavy pack with 22" long falls, which brings a lot of slap and thud. The dragon tongue is a little lighter, but the material is a little stingier than most leathers.


Full Kit Includes:
- For Play Drip Candle from Kynx by Brynx. -BLACK (Dark Rose & Labdanum - These candles are Vegan and made with soy wax, paraffin, eco friendly dye, natural fragrance, and a cotton wick. Candles are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free.

- Clamps from Kynx by Brynx. These are a Silver & Black version of their classic "Gold Diggers" model.
- Paddle from Glutton for Punishment. These are 12" long by 3.5" across and 1/2" thick clear Acrylic Custom Bar Paddles with artwork and shape designed by us for these kits.
- Sawback Acrylic Knife - Our 1/8" thick Acrylic Edge in Black with Black handle scales.
- Interchangable Handle - The core of the set, items quickly fit into the handle and secure with a custom thumb screw we cast in house ourselves.
- Heavy Flogger -  1" wide falls
- Med Flogger - 1/2" wide falls
- Dragontongue 
- Resin Cane - 1/2" diameter Polycarbonate with resin fill.
- 3D Printed Carry holder - Holder has a top handle for easy carrying. Also including the wire "S" hook so you can easily hang your case.

Synthetic Dreams Travel Kit

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