Get ideas for your next build, or just cruise things we've made before.

These edges, usually flat, laser cut acrylic are safer ways to get into knife play, or if you just want the sensation! These also work great as wax scrapers.

These sets are artistic themes we've compiled into unique collections.

These sets are styled for a client or by us and includes multiple different items

Check our various canes and crops. We make canes in a variety of synthetic materials or wood.

See floggers of all sorts we've made before in this section of our portfolio. Fixed floggers have the falls directly attached to a solid handle. Flow floggers is our term for finger floggers, florentine, and t-handle styles.

This section is mostly dragon tongues and dragon tails, or other whip & lash like instruments having 1-2 tails.

Some odds and ends we've made!