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About Chaotic Kink


Spectre (he/they, switch, non-binary)

Spectre is the lead engineering expert, shop manager, and provides customer service.  With a background in robotics, he’s as comfortable in a workshop as he is a dungeon, maybe more so!  He enjoys making machines as well as toys; metal and wood virtually bend to his will. As a veteran kinkster, he has a keen sense for how length, weight, flexibility and balance factor into quality toys.  As a proud craftsman, he ensures all products are designed and produced with quality and reliability in mind.

Spectre also offers his time personally for education, event demos, and select sessions.

Chaotic Eva (she/her, sub)

Eva is a dedicated leatherworker and graphic artist.  With an education in fine arts and a background in commercial design, she ensures even the most basic toys express a touch of class.  She excels with textiles, leatherworking, and reclaimed wood and her colorful creations in resin are a beauty to behold. 

Models & Photographers:
Chaotic Collection: Valerie, darling @itsvaleriedarling  (self photographed)

Modern Series: Justine Marie @justinemariemodel

Homepage and others: Tiffany Nacke @_tiffanynacke_   photos by Olivia Quinn @myconfettiheart

Dungeon Series: Frederick @artmusiccoffee  (self photographed)

XL Acrylic Knives: Veda X 

Electro & Jewelry: Dorienne Dreadful

Specific pictures:

Cannibal Carver necklace by @jane_arnett93

Photo of Spectre on this page by @trampish

Our Artwork

We like to specialize in matching custom sets of toys, and bringing innovative ideas to the community. Traditionalism isn't our thing. We constantly seek new ways to bring new ideas to the community - we don't want to make the same stuff you can buy on large retailers or mass-produced gear at local shops. So although many of our items don't look like everyone else's, we guarantee it functions well, and looks good doing it.


We operate out of Brooklyn NY, having moved from Orange County, California in 2019 for our regular work. Started in late 2018, Spectre had always DIY'd his own toys the last decade, and after meeting ChaoticEva, who made beautiful wood+resin jewelry and artwork, they teamed up and merged their talents to make toys for the local community. After moving, we've branched out to other locales, expanded our selection, and enhanced our quality to where it is now. When you spend with us, the money goes directly to our operations and our charity work in the community. We do this because we enjoy it. Although we make and sell our own designs, we're happy to sell parts and materials to DIY'ers, link with other crafters, and teach events at local venues, and do wholesale/custom product lines for other businesses.

Chaotic Kink is a product line manufactured and distributed by Chaotic Konstructs in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


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