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The Team

chaotic eva
Eva is the team’s artist in residence.  With an education in fine arts and a background in commercial design, she ensures even the most basic toys express a touch of class.  She excels with textiles and reclaimed wood and her colorful creations in resin are a beauty to behold. While newer to the scene, she already has a keen sense of what things should feel like.

awesome sauce

Awesome is the team’s engineering expert, shop manager, and handles customer service.  With a background in robotics, he’s as comfortable in a workshop as he is a dungeon, maybe more so!  He enjoys making machines as well as toys; metal and wood virtually bend to his will. As a veteran kinkster, he has a keen sense for how length, weight, flexibility and balance factor into quality toys.  As a proud craftsman, he ensures all products are designed and produced with quality and reliability in mind.

While not directly involved, Chaotic Kink is made possible in part by a fabulous collection of kinky friends who have proved an invaluable source of help, inspiration and feedback.  
Models & Photographers (links):

The Team
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