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Replace, upgrade, or have a spare blade for your Acrylic Knife and Electro Knife!


This is a blade-only item. The options correspond with our stock styles. You can change the acrylic color using the drop-down. Any hangers such as chain or leather are not included - just swap them over or message us, these usually cost an additional $5. If you have a style not listed, please use the appropriate Custom Blade below, or message us.


Please write-in the blade shape*, with so many options it's hard to scroll through a list!


If you have an inked engraving, tell us if you want a different (or multiple) colors. The conductive edge on Electro knives (E) are always black, but the rest of the engravings can be a different color.


Mirror acrylic is naturally conductive! (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold). This is a budget friendly method to do conductive. The backside (matte gray) is conductive. Please still ask us to make it an Electro Knife if you're using the Engraving or Engraving+Ink option. For better usability, we cut away some of the backing and add a conductor under the screw closest to the hilt, so the front screw works as an on/off button and you don't have to touch the matte gray side directly.


Custom Blades

We have three pricing tiers. Additional artwork will be quoted. Monograms, letters, and existing artwork we've done before are included in the pricing below. You can also use these three entries for any engravings we've done before that are otherwise not listed! Message us prior to order for questions.

  • Plain ($10): Just has our logo engraved on the blade, can be inked for no extra charge!
  • Engraving ($15): This covers most engravings on the blade (artwork we've made already), custom monograms and lettering, but no ink/color in the engraving.
  • Conductive & Inked ($20): This covers conductive (electroplay) blades, and engravings (artwork we've already made), and monograms/lettering with ink/color. Please also use this option for any extra large sized replacement blade (up to 11.5" long and 2in wide).



Just remove the flat head screws and swap the blade. Make sure not to cross-thread your screws when reinstalling them! Contact us if you need any other parts. More information here.


What's New:

As of October 2023, we've been updating all of our blade styles with the following changes:

-Logo is engraved on all blades

-All blades now have hanger holes in the rear past the handle

-Some blade styles have been renamed, and some have been edited for improvements and better function.

-We do have all original files if you want a direct replacement - tell us in the notes.

Acrylic Knife: Blade Only

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