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This is just the handle for our classic 8" acrylic knife, made & sold between 2019-2024. This is a replacement piece, and follow an existing color scheme (a prior custom order, Illusive, Midnight Rose, etc) and doesn't cover new customs without having us quote it first.


A set of screws comes included with the handle. Use the drop-down to select what color you want. These are all domed-head chicago screws.


Information for replacing your handles can be found here.


Handle Color Effects:

We're currently offering all handle styles at a flat rate! Please keep your blade color in mind if you pick a Resin option that has transparency. Strong blade colors can cause colors to disappear (ex: black blade with a transparent red handle - the handle just looks mostly black!). Use the following categories to get an idea of how you want the handle to look:

  • Single Opaque Color: These are by far the easiest & least expensive! They also work well if you want to DIY and paint your own handles. If you want us to hand paint your handles, select this option and we'll quote & invoice your painting separately - feel free to email us prior to order for the quote.
  • Multi Opaque Color: If you want two (or more) colors on opaque handles, use this. This works well for a marbled or swirl effect that aren't transparent.
  • Dungeon Handle Metallic Effects: If you selected a dungeon or dungeon deluxe handle, we recommend this option generally! We hand paint sections of the mold with metallic pigment, and can do fun accent resin colors in the deluxe version.
  • Resin Effect (up to 2 Colors): Use this for most resin effects! Please keep in mind that "clear" counts as one of the 2 colors, if you want something like a smokey effect with white and clear swirls. Glow in the dark, glitter, and similar additives can be added to either color. We have a vast variety and love to get more - feel free to send us pics of what you're thinking!
  • Resin (difficult effects and objects):  This covers any other resin effects not otherwise listed, multiple rainbows of colors, or embedding small objects like flowers in it. If it's complicated to discuss, it's probably this effect.


Handle Styles:

This is the shape of the handle. We will assign the knife or dagger style based on the blade you picked. If you're getting multiple pieces at once, we'll check in which goes to which if we're unsure of your notes.

  • Modern: This is the classic handle, and comes in either gloss (default) or matte finish. This works well for most resin effects for best clarity.
  • Modern Deluxe: These futurized art-deco themed handles are great for adding extra detail to a piece. We can color individual sections separately - such as a center glowing gem, opaque accents on an otherwise clear handle. This also works well for adding some texture to a simple resin pattern, or to give you some extra grip.
  • Dungeon (& Dungeon Deluxe): This is perfect for medieval fantasy themed pieces and rugged aesthetics. The handle has a rough texture, and the deluxe has smoother accent sections, both of which can be colored separately. Metallic effects are best for these: gold, silver, copper, along with a few others like pewter, dark pink, purple, blue, teal and magenta. The gem effect in the center of the deluxe handle can be resin. We recommend selecting "dungeon handle metallic effects for the handle color effect. We usually use opaque black as a base resin to achieve the metallic effects. The standard Dungeon handle also works well for resin effects like bone or ivory.
  • Artisan: These are an elevated Modern, with an inset for making secondary effects - such as gears for steampunk looks, hand painted features, or inlaying a very small object. We can also do some "handle engraving" using this handle, if you really want the handle and not the blade to have words or a picture.

Knife Handle Only

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