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This large, thick handle is hand turned from purple heart, an ultra hard exotic wood. The pommel is glass and nickel. On top of the handle sits our swivel - a custom piece with a double bearing system to perfectly transfer spinning motion. At the end of a long black chain is the "Pumpkin Flail" - a solid resin ball weighing about 1/4 lb. This is a fast, thuddy impact device for rapid hard strikes. The bindrunes on the end, in glowing aqua, were made with intention and assistance from a friend - if unfamiliar with their meaning I invite you to look into it!


For the wielder: Practice swinging with this if you are unfamiliar with this style toy. I recommend angling your strikes to prevent bounce-back towards you. Please message us if you want any tips or tricks!


This is a very unique, one-of-a-kind piece that I hope brings you great delights.

Rune Warrior's Flail

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