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This brilliant hand painted silver set is unique with a custom turned handle and flogger cap. The medium flogger has a stingier outer layer of holographic leather, paired with the dragontongue for a sharper bite than softer leathers. The heavy flogger is designed for a soft, heavy experience.


Full Kit Includes:
- For Play Drip Candle from Kynx by Brynx. - NAKED - These candles are Vegan and made with soy wax, paraffin, eco friendly dye, natural fragrance, and a cotton wick. Candles are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free.

- Clamps from Kynx by Brynx. These are a Silver & Black version of their classic "Gold Diggers" model.
- Paddle from Glutton for Punishment. These are 12" long by 3.5" across and 1/2" thick clear Acrylic Custom Bar Paddles with artwork and shape designed by us for these kits.
- Silver Steel Seax Acrylic Knife - Our 1/8" thick Acrylic Edge with custom artwork lasering and hand painted handle scales.
- Interchangable Handle - The core of the set, items quickly fit into the handle and secure with a custom thumb screw we cast in house ourselves.
- Heavy Flogger -  1" wide falls
- Med Flogger - 1/2" wide falls
- Dragontongue - Double layer
- Resin Cane - 1/2" diameter Polycarbonate with resin fill.
- 3D Printed Carry holder - Holder has a top handle for easy carrying. Also including the wire "S" hook so you can easily hang your case.

Silver Steel Travel Kit

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